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First Annual Carnegie Talent Show!

Sunday, September 29, 2019
The Goodland Arts Council is excited to announce this summer’s fundraiser- the First Annual Carnegie Talent Show!


Please consider being a part of this community showcase. Talents may include, but aren’t limited to: singing, dancing, instrumental music, skits, magic, comedy, martial arts, juggling, whistling, miming… you get the idea! Mark your calendars now and be a part of what makes Goodland— GOOD!


Want to Participate? Free to Enter: Pick up and return Entry forms at the Goodland Carnegie Arts Center.

Deadline for Entries is September 15th, 2019



Official Rules and Guidelines:

1. Entrants of all ages are welcome.

2. Entries are due September 1st, 2019.

3. Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment tracks with vocal background, but there shall be no lead vocal on the track.  For recorded accompaniment, a CD with only one track is recommended.  Acts should bring a second CD as a backup in case of malfunctions.  Because of the quality deviations in CD recorders, not all self-made CDs are readable on all machines.

4. Entrants may perform in both a solo and a group performance, for a total of two performances per entrant.  Only one solo performance allowed per entrant.

5. Entries will be accepted in either the junior or adult category.  Children up to age 17 will constitute the junior category, 18 + in the adult category.  In the event an adult wishes to partner with a junior, they will be placed in the adult bracket and the junior will be judged by adult standards.

6. All contestants must perform the same act, or musical selection indicated in their registration and during the rehearsal.  This includes number of people in the act.  Exceptions regarding people in the act may be made on a case-by-case basis.  Requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Arts Center in writing as soon as possible, prior to the talent show date.  There can be no additional performers added to the act after the dress rehearsal.

7. Selections for performance must be appropriate for a family audience and may not include profanity, lewdness, may not use fire, pyrotechnics, liquids, confetti, guns or sharp instruments such as knives or machetes, or any other substance or object that may prove hazardous or inappropriate.  Discretion lies with the Goodland Arts Council.

8. The performance should last no more than five minutes and should include in that time to set up and take down.  For that reason, full drum sets and large ensembles are discouraged.  However, if the time limit is able to be met, the entrant will be included.  Contestants exceeding that time limit will be disqualified.

9. Rehearsal the day of the event is mandatory for all entrants.  Failure to be present and perform at rehearsal will result in disqualification.  Rehearsal is at 9 a.m.; Saturday, July 25, at the Goodland High School Auditorium.  Contestants will be contacted with a scheduled rehearsal time between 9 A.M. – 12 P. M.

10. There is no fee to enter.

11. The talent show will be held Saturday, July 20 at 7 P. M. at the Goodland High School Auditorium.  All contestants must check in no later than 6:30 P.M.  If a contestant has not checked in, they forfeit the right to perform.

12.  Each contestant must be available to perform when their name is called.  No substitutions will be allowed.

13. Prizes will be awarded in both junior and adult categories, for first, second, and third place.

14. The Goodland Arts Council will have sole authority over stage sets, sound, lights, power and overall (master) volume.

15. All act equipment is the sole responsibility of the act.  The Goodland Arts Council assumes no liability for said equipment.  Note: a piano is available.

15.  All light cues, sound cues, etc must be provided in writing during the rehearsal the morning of the contest.  No changes will be allowed after the rehearsal.

17.  Dressing rooms will be available.  The Goodland Arts Council assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

18.  Each act under the age of 15 must have an adult chaperone.


Please read the entire packet before completing the attached Entry Form and Biography for each performer.  Please print clearly or type all information required.  Use additional pages if necessary.


Application is hereby made for entry in the 2019 Carnegie Arts Talent Show.  In consideration of the acceptance of the application, the entry agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend against any actions the Goodland Arts Council, USD 352, and their volunteers from and against all liabilities whatsoever arising out of its participation in the 2019 Carnegie Arts Talent Show.


Submission of entry form does not ensure acceptance.  The Goodland Arts Council approval is required.


A completed Entry Form must include 1) Description of the Act; 2) Biography (one paragraph) with background information, 3) Names and ages of all contestants, talent contests or events performed in previously, and other information that can be used in introducing the act.  Include all technical requirements and whether the act will use a CD.


Entrant agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of the Carnegie Arts Talent Show as prescribed and listed in this form, or additional rules that are deemed necessary for the safe conduct of the talent contest and related activities.  Failure to comply may cause a denial of entry on the day of the competition or jeopardize future participation.

  • Organizer Name: Abby Killingsworth
  • Phone: (785) 890-6442
  • Email:
  • Type: Performance,Special Event
  • Time: September 29, 2019 - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Venue:Live Event
  • Duration:2 hours

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